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Modern ways of cleaning in Melbourne

Whether you are a house owner or a renter in Melbourne Australia it’s obvious that you will be looking
forward to use modern and faster ways of cleaning for your place.

Cleaning Industry in Melbourne is undergoing massive changes with the passage of time. Every renter or
house owner from Melbourne, South Bank, Box hill, Don caster, Tarneit, Hoppers crossing, Craig Burn is
looking for best and innovative cleaning ideas. They want to meet up with ever-changing environment of
cleaning in Australia. Innovation in cleaning service based upon the day-to-day activities of cleaning
service providers.

Eko Clean Melbourne will provide you with innovative and modern cleaning services in Melbourne and
all of its suburbs. Our service is managed by trained and qualified cleaning engineers. They will clean
your place in modern and faster way to provide you 100% satisfaction. Here are some key features of
our green and innovative cleaning technology.

Eco-friendly cleaning.

We are living in industrial era and our atmosphere is got polluted by many factors which requires special
care. Eko Clean use Green cleaning technique which is a modern technique of cleaning. It will help to
overcome pollution by use of Eco-friendly cleaning products. In Eko Clean we use custom-made
detergents and soaps for all types of industrial and domestic cleaning. We provide services for End of
lease cleaning, Exit cleaning, Full House cleaning, Deep cleaning, Seasonal cleaning, Kitchen cleaning,
window cleaning, Bathroom cleaning and Shower cleaning. Our products are 100% environment friendly
and chemical free. Eco-friendly products provide best and long-lasting results, and they are friendly for
your house members and pets. We only use certified hygienic products because we care about your

Special training of cleaning engineers.

Eko Clean have 50+ cleaning engineers that are specially trained and certified to clean according to the
ever-changing industrial requirements. In Eko Clean we train our staff according to the requirements of
industry in such a way that they will be able to do all the industrial and domestic cleaning work in an
innovative and modern way. They are well-trained to do exit cleaning, Mold cleaning, Oven cleaning,
Cupboard cleaning and Range hood cleaning. Cleaner needs to get certified before starting the actual
job. That’s why they stay ahead from the competitors.

Eko Clean brings innovation to cleaning Industry through use of technology. While most companies of
Melbourne and its suburbs are rallying on old equipment and techniques Eko clean is the leading
cleaning company that brings new technology and equipments in cleaning. We use automatic carpet
cleaners and pressure washer to wash floors and other nasty places in no time. Our data driven tools
also help in quick cleaning and set a trend for cleaning managers all across the country.

Smart Waste management.

Waste is an unavoidable by-product of cleaning. It is not enough to collect the waste through cleaning
but it also becomes necessary to get rid of it through smarter and innovative ways. In Eko Clean we use
3R technology to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the waste through special waste management unit.

Team and time management tools.

Through our team and time management tools and website you can get the hold of your cleaning work
anytime and anywhere with just a click.

You can say that all cleaning work will be on your fingertips just dial 1300 356 000 or visit our website

EKO CLEAN Australia offers.

This is an era of science and technology. Most components of life has been digital. life of every human
being has been drastically changed. Some tasks are being performed in nanoseconds. Communication
has taken a leap and is getting faster and faster every day. But people are loaded with more
responsibility and commitment towards their jobs, business, and ambitions. People want to prefer to
sip coffee in the evening instead of getting indulge in Cleaning the kitchen or Toilet of their precious
time of life.
Every one of us has its own goals and objectives, and want to pursue them instead of doing some
cleaning stuff.
That's how the concept of a Food Delivery System has been introduced and it's working profoundly.
That's why people want to have rideshare instead of driving their own cars to the office every
So the conclusion is people want to utilize their time more effectively and efficiently.
All of us have issues of cleaning at their place, doing dishes, kitchen Cleaning, dusting wardrobes,
wiping tables, mopping floors, scrubbing tiles.
That's where the Professional cleaning company EKO CLEAN Australia role comes in.
EKO CLEAN Australia comes in with fully professional, experience, and dedication.
House Cleaning is definitely an art. You name it! House Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, End of Lease
Cleaning, Vacate Cleaning, Exit Cleaning, Agency Cleaning, Daily Cleaning, Weekly Cleaning, Monthly
Cleaning, Deep Clean, General Cleaning, Move in Cleaning, Move Out Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning,
Toilet Cleaning, Windows Cleaning.
EKO CLEAN Australia is there to create convenience for its customers with all its experience and
commitment to please its customers.
Here we would love to answer a few questions in the minds of everyone whenever he thinks about
professional House Cleaning company in Adelaide and Melbourne or Sydney.
The first and foremost most question is how much you charge for cleaning?
The charges for cleaning services vary from end of lease cleaning to General Cleaning.
As a cleaning company, it's important to know for us
1. Customer Satisfaction
1. Area of Property required cleaning
2. Condition of property.
3. Number of cleaners required to clean the property.
4.How frequently Cleaning Service is required.

while calculating the cost we consider all the above factors and our customers love to negotiate on all
dimensions and details of the job.
Do you charge on an hourly basis?
Yes definitely, like all other cleaning companies we do offer our customers a variety of customized
cleaning services and solutions.
We do offer hourly rates for our commercial customers in the following areas like
Retail Outlet
Aged Care
Child Care

Shopping Mall
We do offer very attractive and competitive prices for cleaning on an Hourly basis by ascertaining the
following criteria.
1. Number of Hours
2. Number of Cleaners
3. Tools, Chemicals Required to execute the job
4. Weekdays & Weekends
we would like to recommend you give a call to ask about methods, procedures & policy, and price for



When it comes to house cleaning, people make every effort to ensure that their home looks shiny. Even they do not hesitate …

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Carpet Cleaning by Professionals

You must be heard of the cleaning company in Australia that provides you with the best cleaning
service providers. Nevertheless, most people try to do cleaning on their own because they think it
saves money. One such task what they find easy is carpet cleaning despite knowing the fact that
it has certain limitations. If you are also planning to do the same, you need to be well aware of
your carpet – what material fibre it is made from and what are the different tools you are going to
use while carpet cleaning. You can surely carry out the process of carpet cleaning but at some
point, it has certain disadvantages. Besides it, the professional cleaning company has it all for
you; the powerful cleaning solutions, right kind of equipment, knowledge of the carpet and the
cleaning experts who thankfully makes your job easier and hassle-free.
Professional cleaning services offer several cleaning techniques for carpet cleaning such as dry
cleaning, steam cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, carpet shampooing etc. these methods are used
for both residential and commercial cleanings based on their pros and cons. Here EKO
CLEANING Services In Australia have different methods of carpet cleaning methods to bring

back the carpets as fresh as possible.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods by Top Cleaning company in Australia
Steam Cleaning: many think that steam cleaning or hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the
best method. The top cleaning company in Australia uses steam cleaning equipment to penetrate
hot water deep into the carpet which loosens the dirt from carpet fibres making them soft. Do
remember to apply solution for treating old stains before steaming the carpet. The high- level of
suction causes the germs, dust, stains and pathogens removal enhancing the results.
Encapsulation cleaning: While cleaning the carpets using this method, encapsulating
chemical is applied to dampen the carpet. As soon as it gets exposed to the air the synthetic agent
used crystallizes into powder to attract the soil and dirt. On drying, it can be vacuumed to suck
the powdered crystals encapsulating dirt. Post vacuuming, the carpet fibre releases them quickly
due to weak bonds between them and regains the freshness. This is an effective and profitable
method mostly used for commercial carpets. It is a simple method which successfully fixes the
common carpet problems in less time. Encapsulation is one of the cheap cleaning services by the
professional cleaners having shorter drying period in compared to carpet shampooing and thus

preferred in general.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning: Bonnet cleaning removes the surface dirt but a lot of dirt gets
pushed into the carpet’s pile. Bonnet cleaning is done using high-speed machines with a rotator
at the base dipped in a cleaning solution to absorb the dirt only from the surface leaving
detergent residue behind. It cleans less than half an inch deep and so has certain limitations. It
tends to wear carpets faster and affects the appearance of the carpets. This, in turn, reduces the
lifespan of the carpets. Due to these reasons, it is not recommended by the best cleaning

services. Nevertheless, this method can be used for spot cleaning or thin carpet cleaning. If you
are looking for cheap cleaning services, it is perceived as a low-cost method for regular carpet
maintenance. Sanitization using an antimicrobial agent is advised to use post bonnet carpet
Carpet Preconditioning: To make your job easier, preconditioning is a good way to start
with. Various types of agents are applied to the carpets for soil challenges. This allows the dirt
particles to loosen and waken their bond allowing quick and effortless removal. For the cleaning
process, the best cleaning service providers have an unlimited choice of chemical agents to
choose from depending upon the fibres of your carpet. Your soiled carpet will surely benefit
from this process. For example, neutral or slightly acidic detergents are used while working on

woollen carpets.

Dry Cleaning method: Dry carpet cleaning is an efficient method for commercial and
residential settings for high traffic areas. This involves the use of specific chemical agents
sprayed through the latest technology machines to clean the carpet surfaces with no-moisture.
Dry cleaning helps in complete removal of dust, dirt, grit, stains, allergens and other particles
from the carpet. This method has become so popular to sanitize and rejuvenate your carpets as it
is very convenient and requires no time for drying. Unlike the hot water extraction method, this
type of cleanings lets you walk on the carpets as so as cleaning is done.
Carpet Shampooing: What do you think, should you shampoo the carpets? Shampoo
cleaning has been used over many years as the choice for carpet cleaning. In this, a motorized
circular brush is used with cleaning products to scrub the carpet. This process simply relies on
vacuuming once the shampoo dries which results in a large amount of detergent foam residue left
behind. Because of no- rinsing at all, it becomes sticky while drying and takes a long time to dry.
However, this technique is best suited for low-pile carpet cleanings that are highly soiled.
Dry Foam Cleaning: This method is quite similar to carpet shampooing. It involves 90% air
and 10% liquid which makes it a low moisture cleaning method. The dry foam is produced using
a machine equipped with a compressor to clean the carpet fibres individually and efficiently. The
rotating brushes form the bubbles to thoroughly clean the carpet and then it is vacuumed to
remove the crystals. This method is also safe and very famous for upholstery cleaning.
Summing up all the cleaning methods, can you decide which one is the best for carpet cleaning?
In our opinion, there is no such method that can be officially termed as the best as every method
doesn’t suit all types of carpets and clear all types of dirt and stains. Every method has its
advantages and disadvantages. So, we should let you decide the suitable choice for your home.
As you know the dirty and soiled carpet is far from welcoming. And Cleaning Company In
Australia has smart solutions to regain its charm and freshness. Besides this professional
cleaning by the top cleaning company in Australia, we suggest your regular vacuuming of

carpets. However, homeowners wonder if they should vacuum carpets regularly or cleaning them
very often somehow damages it. There are several methods for cleaning carpets at home only but
you have to be careful while choosing otherwise may ruin the carpet’s naps and fibres. It is
typically recommended to perform vacuuming if not offering professional cleaning.
Regular Carpet Cleaning or Vacuuming Benefits
If you are still not sure about vacuuming too often, let’s tell you some benefits of regular
  It’s a myth that daily cleaning or vacuuming carpets ruin the appearance of carpets. It
protects the carpet from attacks of pathogens and increases the lifespan.
  On vacuuming, the strands of rugs or carpets pull up individually which makes the
carpet soft and fluffier. This enhances the smoothness of the carpet giving your feet a
feeling of comfort.
 Regular carpet vacuuming is significant as dirt and mud are inevitable to your homes
through the feet. No matter what precautions you take to avoid the dust and dirt.
 Vacuuming removes the dirt, dust, dander, hair, and other remains from the carpet. This
degrades the fibres of the carpet if not treated and the more you walk on the carpet, the
deeper the dirt goes.
 Along with the dust particles, several germs, bacteria and allergens such as mildew,
mould and pollen often harboured. This is responsible for wear and tear of the carpet’s
fibre. If left unnoticed, these can be proved harmful for your health.
 Sometimes homeowners ignore the bad smells at their places because of the unclean
carpets. But the odour of these dirty carpets can be bothersome or unwelcoming for the
guests. And it also ruins the quality of air at your place. Regular vacuuming maintains the
carpet cleaning and thus the surrounding air.
 It is one of the most prominent ways to maintain your carpet and make sure that it looks
amazing all year.
 The more often you vacuum your carpet, the more secured it is; in terms of appearance or
colour, comfort or lifespan. Put a reminder to clean them at least 3-4 times a week
depending upon the high or low traffic.
For overly worn carpets, the more often vacuuming is done; it exposes the spots, stains and the
need of shampooing it. You will get to know when it’s time to have professional cleaning of
carpets using the specific method. After all, this, when there is a need for carpet maintenance and
repair, the job should be handed over to the top cleaning services in Australia. It will offer you
the best cleaning services within your budget. You can call or email us to get the quotation for
cleaning services prices as per your requirement.

Top Cleaning Company In Australia

The professional cleaning by the top cleaning company cleans the carpet to make it new and
fresh again by removing the stain and debris that cannot go off by vacuuming only. Even moulds
and must developing beneath the carpet can be completely cleaned off the carpets using suitable
chemical agents or solutions by the professional cleaners. Some conditions are only left to be
done by the professionals of the cleaning company in Australia. Give us a chance to serve you
the best cleaning services and make your homes and offices flawless!