Cleaning Checklist For Your New Home

Moving to a new home is difficult because there is so much to do right now, one of which is deep cleaning of property. Experts in Melbourne say it’s wise to inspect and clean the house before removing your belongings and begin the process of resettlement.

This is important because a property may look neat and tidy on the outside, but sometimes hidden problems can arise that may affect residents’ health. Therefore, when moving to a new home, it is important to prepare a cleanliness checklist.

Don’t know what to include in the cleanup checklist? Here in Melbourne the lease cleansers are made from the best end of the industry.

Check Property

When a house was occupied, a preliminary inspection is necessary to know if any underlying issues need to be fixed. Check for house mold, stable odor, pest disease, seepage, plumbing failures, leaks, etc. Hire a real estate inspector to submit a report detailing the property’s overall condition and explain the cleaning, repair and maintenance needs.

Clean inside and outside the property

Before moving home, deep cleaning is essential to get rid of dust, dirt, construction debris, contamination, pests, moisture, etc. One way is to have the DIY clean the property before entering. But, it requires more time and energy, which is why it is better to hire professionals.

To clean the house thoroughly. Contact a leading end of a lease cleaning company in Melbourne. In addition to cleaning indoor areas, it is important to clean the entrance, garage, driveway, decks, and other outdoor areas. Make a plan to clean the whole house a day or two before your moving day.

Clean the floor of the carpet

The carpet floor may look clean, but it can include dust, allergens, debris, hair, dander and lots of pollution, especially if previous owners had pets. According to an expert specializing in lease cleaners in Melbourne, most carpets are cleaned that can remove surface contamination but fail to deep clean.

So, before you go in, rinse or rinse the carpet in the home’s steam to get rid of dust and dirt, embedded germs, dirt, dust particles, itching, skin and debris. Hire a professional cleaner for a job in Melbourne because they have powerful machines and know the right techniques to get maximum results.

Pro Tip: Switch to hardwood floors if possible because they are clean and easy to maintain. Carpet floors are a top care and growing allergy to victims.

Clean the air vents

Many people complain of frequent illnesses and allergies after moving to a new home. One of the reasons for this may be when the air pollutants are unclean. It is common to forget to inspect and clean air vents in a new home.

However, they need to be thoroughly cleaned because allergens, dust, pollen, dust particles, and other pollutants can pollute indoor air through toxins. The best way to clean air vents is to hire experts who are capable of cleaning, vacuuming, and fogging machines with HEPA duct and vent to remove years of construction and mold, algae, Grimes can apply solutions to stop the breeding.

Roll out the contact points

Common points of contact include door / window / cabinet knobs and handles, locks, switches, railings, toilet sets and handles, and hose. These are high contact areas, and according to the study, they contain germs. So, before moving into a new home, thoroughly clean these tips. They can transmit bacteria and viruses rapidly, especially if someone is ill.

Because, before you go in, you don’t know how many people were at the point where the pesticides were in place. Also, replace toilet seats because the old one can harbor dangerous bacteria and get new seats instead of sterilizing them.

Treat the house for mold

Sometimes a home may have poor water proofing or have low ventilation rooms, which accumulate moisture in the walls and ceilings. This moisture can result in mold, which can spread rapidly in moisture conditions and cause allergies or respiratory problems.

Therefore, if you know of a place in your new home that has mold spots, it is best to treat them immediately and provide evidence of this area to prevent future growth. Find professional cleaners in Melbourne who specialize in mold treatment and prevention. After cleaning, take the necessary steps to avoid moisture accumulation and ventilation of areas.

Pest Control

Many people do not know that if a house is dark or damp for a long time, it can attract insects. Therefore, for insects. Examine your new home as they can carry diseases, damage the environment around you, and make residents and pets a bit.

If your new home is having an illness, contact a leading end-of-the-line leasing cleaning company in Melbourne that offers in-depth cleaning solutions as well as pest control services. Before entering the book cleaner and inspect the property so that it can be processed. The benefit of hiring pest control services through a reputable cleaning company is that they can clean your home after pest management and clean the property thoroughly.


New property cleanup is essential for your family to maintain the joy of moving into a new home. The place also needs to be made safe and habitable because no one wants to worry about germs, respiratory problems and allergies after going through the rigorous process of moving. So, be sure to follow the checklist above and make sure your new home is ready to go on a working day.

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