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End Of Lease Cleaning
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End Of Lease Cleaning

If you need to get your place ready for viewing in a flash, then we provide the best End of Lease Cleaning services for you. Our end of lease cleaning service is carried out by expert cleaner in Sydney and other cities of Australia. Whether you are moving out and would like to get your security deposit back in full to the owner, or need to repair a rental space for the next guests, then you need our Service “End of lease Cleaning of Eko Clean Australia”.

End of leasing and moving out is the most hectic thing to do frequently so after lease end we need to clear out the space at it was before us. Professional cleaning out services that include full house, window solar panel, carpet cleaning and exit cleaning are available in End of Lease cleaning Companies in Adelaide, Melbourne section.

“As we cannot erase your memories, but we can erase stains of that memories from your walls”, In the world of cleaning we use this slogan for end of lease cleaning. Every commercial businessperson and house owner will know it better that cleanliness is the most important capability to hold on good thing in commercial and domestic level. So, to provide you best Commercial cleaning services in Adelaide, Melbourne. We use most professional and eco-friendly ingredients for cleaning the environment for suburbs of Adelaide.

Professionalism is the best answer:

Leave the burden of cleaning on our professional cleaners and feel free to move out without any worries. As we care about our customers more than any then else. So, we will feel happy to share your worries and provide you a clean and happy environment for living and business purposes. We are among the best Cleaning Companies in Adelaide, Melbourne. Our workers are specially trained to work according to the convenience of the customer.

As per the cost concerned, we have reasonable costs that can be manageable within a small amount of money and for some extra cleaning we have separate services for our customers to use according to their convenience. Extra facilities for end of lease cleaning in Adelaide are as mention below.

  • Window cleaning
  • Exit cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Use Green supplies
  • Wall cleaning


Choice is yours:

We offer you to visit our office or book from our booking page to choose a service that is   according to your cleaning needs. Make a call on 1300 EKO 000 or book it online. Cleaning services that can provide you most convenient house cleaning in Adelaide. We hope you will be satisfied with your experience with us. Happy customers are our guarantee.


Our head office is located in  Melbourne, yet we deliver services all around Melbourne. No matter where you live – Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. We are just a call away!

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