Professional Guide for Kitchen Cleaning

Professional Guide for Kitchen Cleaning
Are you looking for the best cleaning services in Australia? EKO CLEANING Services offer a variety of home cleaning services in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and some other parts of Australia. We provide cleaning services within your budget as our professionals come fully equipped with the cleaning supplies. If you want to impress your guests, just look for Best Cleaning Services Near Me or Cheap cleaning Services Near Me. We would love to help you out in cleaning your home at the Best Cleaning Services Prices. Most significantly, it is advised to have a session of kitchen cleaning at times. There are various things that you should remember while kitchen cleaning. So, let’s get to the point that we should take care of it.

Things to Remember While Kitchen Cleaning

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while cleaning your kitchen. These points would help in efficient kitchen cleaning and have a pleasant experience.
Keep these things in mind to make your kitchen cleaning experience effective as well as enjoyable.
Choose the right tools
Using the right kind of tools makes a job perfect and fast. For kitchen cleaning, you need to have the cleaning kit consisting of various tools and cleaning agents to help you throughout the process. For instance, if you want to clean the outer surfaces of the small appliances, use a microfiber dipped in the vinegar solution or all-purpose cleaner. On the other hand, while cleaning the interior of the bottles; you need a vertical brush to clean it thoroughly.
Don’t get into deep cleaning
If you are cleaning the kitchen in a general or regular basis, don’t get into the kind of deep cleaning. If you want to clean the interiors of the cupboards and appliances, skip it for the time being and separately plan a day to do it soon as overall deep cleaning is time-consuming. And in case you are thinking of deep cleaning for your kitchen, get the Best Cleaning Service Providers In Australia within your budget.
A Step-by-Step Guide for Kitchen Cleaning
If you are clean your kitchen in a week or two, these steps are intended for such cleaning. Though, cleaning routine differs based on how heavily the kitchen is being used.
Let’s start with the steps to make your kitchen as good as new in an hour.
A. Clean the mess from counters
In the first place, you need to clean the junk from the places around. Choose a corner of the kitchen and start off clearing the clutter removing extra things that don’t need to be there. Put the waste in the dustbin side by side. This is the same as the laundry basket technique when you put dirty clothes spread all around your home. In this way cover all the sections of the kitchen area. Don’t get distracted by putting the items one by one, collect them in a bunch to put in the cases or drawers. You will soon realize that all the clutter from the counter is moved away and your kitchen is completely clean.
B. Clean off the fridge and cabinets tops
Clean the dirt from the top to bottom part is equally important. It does not matter which part of the home you are cleaning, tackling it completely necessary. Dust in surroundings get easily settles down on the surfaces, and it is left unnoticed if that part is not used more often. We suggest you begin the cleaning from dusting the tops so that when it’s being dislodged, it settles on the lower surfaces. In this way, you are sure to clean up the kitchen thoroughly.
C. Clean small appliances
Now, quickly clean the small appliances. Clear the remains from appliances like juicer, coffee maker, toaster, oven or microwave, etc. Don’t spend so much of your time into deeply cleaning this. Just make them shine by removing the debris as said above. You can use vinegar to clean microwaves from inside and wipe down its interior and exterior with microfiber. A damp cloth with an all-purpose cleaner can also be used to clean the appliances. Be careful while cleaning them.
D. Clean out the counters whatever is left.
Besides the appliances, stove and other small appliances, there is a stand for mugs, cooking oil tray, masala tray, and urn holing some utensils. These items also need to be cleaned, either wipe the trays containers and bottles or give them a dusting. While you are cleaning the counters, make sure to keep the things in cabinets that are not much required. Don’t put the small items on the counters; place them in the drawers instead.

E. Scour off the oven and stove
This time a brief cleaning of the stove and oven is required. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, everything needs to be shined. In case you have a gas stove, start it cleaning from the top, remove the bars and cleanse the surface with an all-purpose cleaner. You can soak the bars if you find them greasy and in case if you have electric burners, just clean them with a soap dilution. It’s best to wipe all the parts with warm soapy water.
F. Clear off the fridge
It’s the right time to clear off the refrigerator. As usual, beginning from the top, go through the shelves one by one and dispose of the things that are expired, wipe down the shelves, clear the spaces if anything is spilled and put everything at their correct places.
G. Cleaning the exterior of large appliances
Clean up the outside of the fridge, chimney, dishwasher and other large appliances you have in your Kitchen. Polish the surfaces to make them shine. Just be careful to use an appropriate cleaner and polish. Do not forget to clean the knobs separately.
H. Wash dishes after emptying the dishwasher
Next, you should proceed with cleaning the dishes. If in case you already have some floating dirty dishes in the dishwasher, first clean them up, empty the dish drainer and then continue with the other dishes or pans by running the dishwasher. Make sure you won’t get disrupted by the bottlenecks. Now, your kitchen seems to be pretty clean. So, it’s a good time to wipe down the dish rack side by side. First, emptying it and washing the mat always makes sense.
I. Wipe the counters again
Once you have washed all your dishes, dusted off all the appliances, it’s time to sparkle your kitchen counter. To sweep the crumbs off from the counter, use a pan scraper and similarly clean all the sections of the counter. Wipe down the counter using a good cleaner and microfiber cloth. Use a dry cloth at the end to make your counter gleam.
J. Deep clean your sink
Deep cleaning your sink is the most important step in the whole kitchen cleaning process. It is easy if you follow the steps by The Best Cleaning Service Providers. Begin the process by rinsing it first and then scrub it using a cleanser. Be sure of cleaning the corners and edges, you can use a brush also. Always clean the soap holder or sponge holder as well. Now, rinse it all out. Pour some hot water added with bleach. Keep your sink germs free to avoid any infections. And if you want to keep a good smell, add any citrus or its peel to the drain and keep the water running for some time. If you still find difficulty in cleaning the mess up, we are just a call away, book the Best Cleaning Service providers in Australia within your budget.
K. Empty the garbage bin
Empty the trash from the garbage bin and try to keep it clean as much as you can. After vacuuming it, clean it from both inside and outside using a disinfectant. It’s very important to keep it germ-free and always a covered can is recommended to use.
L. Clean up and mop the floor
Pick all the large crumbs from the floor, and then clean it using a broom. Take care to clean the corners, nooks and underneath the fridge too. Instead of sweeping, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and clean the floor. Follow up with mopping with floor cleaner to end the cleaning.
M. Give a finishing touch
To add a finishing touch to the place, a few more steps to go! Replace the rugs, dish towels and sponges with the new ones. Light a candle in the corner and put a mini indoor plant in the window of your kitchen.
Your kitchen is ready to make healthy and delicious meals for your family now.
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